Configuring F5 DNS Express

One of the unused features of the F5 DNS product, formerly known as Global Traffic Manager (GTM) is the ability to host your DNS on F5’s high performing and hardened DNS implementation. In addition to screening or the typical GTM implementation of a delegated subdomain, DNS express actually hosts the DNS zone directly on the F5. It’s a lot faster than dealing with the on-box BIND or a remote BIND or Active Directory server. Also, I trust F5’s coding a lot more than Active Directory.

At a high level, the F5 is acting as a DNS slave to whatever master server you have configured. The Master DNS server pushes its config to the F5 slave. You can also have the master notify the F5 when it has updates. You’ll automatically get the updates on the DNS zone on the F5. Configured like this, you don’t need to change anything in your workflow to support your DNS infrastructure. You immediately get the benfit of F5’s high performance TMOS DNS implementation. At this point, you can set it as the resolver for internal or external DNS clients.

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