F5 Virtual Server (VIP) Creation

Now that we have the basic ADC setup, we need to actually allow traffic to connect via the BIG-IP to the web application. We’ll do this by creating an F5 Virtual Server. There are a few things we need to build, and F5 has some great training at https://university.f5.com/ that explains the details, but for now, we can just build the relevant pieces and go from there.

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How to deploy an F5 VE in ESXi

As part of my series of posts related to the infrastructure behind websites, this post will show how to deploy an F5 VE in ESXi. Here’s a high level overview of the steps:

  1. Download the template from https://downloads.f5.com/
  2. Deploy to your hypervisor (ESXi in this case)
  3. Boot Vitual Machine
  4. Configure management networking
  5. Install License
  6. Setup Basic Networking
  7. Lock down and customize

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Building a highly available website with F5 BIG-IP LTM & Joomla/MySQL

Working with technology, one of the most important things that any website can have is availability. A beautiful layout, with great content doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t access it! There’s a lot of ways you can accomplish this, such as using round robin DNS or having disaster recovery sites, but what I’d like to focus on today is utilizing an application delivery controller (ADC) to load balance two different web servers. My preferred ADC is F5’s Local Traffic Manager(LTM). There’s a lot of technical reasons, but first for me is that its the leader in market share, which has been a big boost in my professional career.
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